Movement I

by Art Versus Industry

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released February 14, 2011

all songs written, recorded, performed, and produced by avi ghosh at transience studios (austin, texas)

drums tracked by nick munos at test tube audio (austin, texas) with kevin butler

art versus industry : nick munos, avi ghosh, matt gruber



all rights reserved


Art Versus Industry Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Play God
play god (music/lyrics : avi ghosh)

hey mister criticize
have you heard our latest prize?
can you feel the shit we've thrown on the line
tear apart our innocense
we're washed up confidence
we've come pretty far since '09

so we hang on
to the false odds
and we play god
to the lost cause

our sound is screaming out
we don't believe in doubt
the poison is draining from our skulls
all complication's gone
we're not so ugly now
our blood is splattered on the walls

i don't know
if i can work out all the equations in my head
i don't care
if all my words were just shit better left unsaid
i don't feel
you'll understand me cause i cannot be defined
and i don't need
your validation, i'd rather leave it all behind

we'll fake it just to prove a point
you'll never get us to believe you
Track Name: Let's Kill
let's kill (music/lyrics : avi ghosh)

confuse inherent senses
keep knowledge in the dark
cut through all logic with the lies

the hourglass has shifted
your time is running out
we'll take you down without a cause

and all i know is that our fear is gone
so watch us fall now...

let's kill
let's kill
let's take a part
the whole fasad
let's kill

let's kill
let's kill
let's fuck the world
claim what's ours
let's kill

illusionary conflict
remanufactured fear
insurance dopamine to fill

dysfunction in your circuits
the wire's running thin
we're waiting underneath the hill

don't sing along to everybody's bullshit
claymation puppets to their cause
we believe there's science in the evidence
so join us in this irrational and fear inducing war

i won't let you take control of me
Track Name: The One
the one (music/lyrics: avi ghosh)

i won't forget the way you held me
i won't dismiss the times we shared
i can't hold on to all these memories
i can't go on without you here

i cannot fight
i cannot feel
you will never be the one
this is not right
this is not real
you will never be the one

i tried so hard to save this friendship
i gave so much to keep you here
you still can't see the way you've changed me
i know someday you'll find the way
Track Name: Lapse
lapse (music/lyrics: avi ghosh)

we shed our need for acceptance with you
now we hang on to apathy
we've left the branded fixation for truth
you're just feigning sincerity

the tide's are changing
transition is due
i've lost all track of time
that's taken my youth

i'm killing myself
i'm following through
a lapse of restraint
just to prove it to you

and we grow

i'll drown
i'll drown
i'll drown
down into the...